ISR Europe is committed to development and innovation through research in areas of risk control, safety management and crisis management .

ISR Europe supports organisations by providing expert research capacity. With our emergency management research resources, we aim to further develop the field of emergency management.  Different types of research are carried out for this purpose. They vary from (international) benchmarks to policy studies. A combination of an advanced network of research resources, desk research facilities and qualitative reviews of practice are used in order to get the best results. ISR Europe delivers results and findings with clear conclusions and practical recommendations. Your organisation will be supported in the gathering of further knowledge of safety concerns that are relevant to you. Moreover, we contribute to Public Private Partnership initiatives in the areas of research and development.

Example projects

  • Technical and financial evaluation of the Dutch ‘National Radioactivity Monitoring Network’
  • Quick-scan of vital products and services within the Public Order and Safety (POS) and Public Administration sectors
  • International benchmark of crisis comprehension within the policy areas of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
  • Support of the development of the Integral Crisis Advice website (ICAweb), specifically for information sharing during nuclear accidents
  • International benchmark of International benchmark for modelling instruments and modulation during chemical incidents
  • Research into the financing structure of the nuclear sector in the EU
  • Cyber-Design Basis Threat Analysis