ISR Europe offers professional tailored advice regarding safety and security questions for strategic, tactical and operational level. 


Our service provision varies from assistance with strategy building and project management to providing specific, implementable advice enabling your organisation to show preparedness for any potential threats. It is important that your organisation can act flexibly and goal-orientated during incidents and crises. New hazards (e.g. cyber security), new legislation and requirements, and other organisational changes can create complex challenges for your company. Our team analyses, defines and limits the problems and bottlenecks in your crisis management organisation and helps you fix them.

After becoming familiar with your organisation we will develop a solid approach to providing the required solutions. High quality written and verbal communication from our team contribute to the implementation of our advised solutions.
Depending on your organisation and the questions, ISR Europe will be able to advise and support of risk analyses, organisational design and implementation, organisational development and raising awareness within your organisation.

ISR Europe offers;

  • International experience and previously tested approaches, procedures and products
  • A personal and engaging approach
  • An independent and critical attitude
  • Use of various methods and tools aligned with your organisational needs
  • Bringing different stakeholders together to get the best results; i.a. management and practice

Example projects:

  • Development of guidelines for terrorist threats and incident management in the drinking water sector
  • Development of guidelines form CBRN security management
  • Organisational design and structure of crisis management functions within diverse organisations